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Description: Runner Services, LLC. Is in need of drivers to work at auto auctions around the Metro Atlanta area.  We believe this is a great opportunity for your church or organization to earn funds, and you could earn a lot more for a few hours work than doing a car wash or a bake sale!


How does it work?  Your organization would provide volunteers to drive cars for Road Runner on specified days during sales at local area auto auctions.  Based on the number of hours worked your organization would receive a direct payment from Road Runner.  For example, if you provided 10 drivers who worked just four hours each, your organization could earn $360.00 or more.   This would be a tremendous opportunity for Senior Adult ministries in your church or for volunteers who regularly support your ministry or organization. The more drivers you provide the more you can earn.

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Some Details about the plan:

1.     Typically drivers are needed during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Metro area, for 3 to 5 hours.

2.     Training is provided by Road Runner.  We will come to your location and train your volunteers. There will be a brief training at the auction prior to each sale.

3.     Normally you will need about 10 drivers per sale, but we will consider any number. In some cases we may be able to use up to 30.

4.     All drivers must have a valid driverÕs license and pass a DMV Background check.

5.     All drivers are covered by insurance and workmanÕs comp while working at the auction. 

6.     Opportunities are available to work almost every week of the year.